Sep 302013

Biography Information: This beautiful babe was born in the 1992 Bucharest, Romania. She is an Romanian glamour model and cam girl. She might also be known as the names under Eva Kass, Andreea Simion, Aiimi, Andreea Simon and Ilona . For all of you out there start by saying that this babe have a way too big boobs for naturals, you all will be wrong. Her breasts are 34E and all natural, yeah some babes get blessed by the nature and get such greats tits by genetics.

Mainly she have posed for a Photodromm and all that can be said about those sets is that they are incredibly beautiful and Ela for sure leave no body part in her covered. She reveals everything from head to the toes. If now she have posed mainly for Photodromm, that for sure all will change soon. With the body and beauty like this she will not be long in the shadow, especially when this beauty is all natural.

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